Interview Training and CV building


Interview Training and CV building


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This Interviewing Skills course has been designed to help managers improve their hiring process and become confident at handling those difficult and emotionally draining interviews like dismissals and disciplinary interviews.

The training course is valuable for managers who want to know how to hire the best fit for their business. By using skills tests, all skills-based hiring mistakes can be eliminated and therefore interviews can be designed around hiring for cultural fit and coachability. If your candidate has the right attitude for your business and the essential skills that the role requires, then they can be coached to expand their level of knowledge and develop into an indispensable asset for your company.

Yet, finding out if they’re the right fit can be tricky, and sometimes an interview can feel like an impossible quest. But, by using research from top managers and businesses already enjoying recruitment success, this course helps you to create an interviewing process that asks the right questions and finds the right people.

Who Should Take This Course?

If you’re a manager looking to improve your company’s hiring process or looking for the confidence to handle other interviews effectively, then this course can help you develop your managerial skills in these areas.

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